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bath tub refinishing

 reglazing worn out old dirty tubs is an economical and popular way to bring new life to your old tub.

The whole process takes 2-3 hours and can be used next day!  Please call for prices. This is what a typical tub looks like in need of reglazing.

bath tile refinishing

yes! ugly old  bathroom wall tile can be refinished and it costs a lot less than replacing tile. Perfect for selling or flipping a house on a budget.   Starting at 6.00 per sq ft. When you get tired of the color give us a call. We have Many colors to choose from.

sink refinishing

old out dated colored sinks can be refinished. Its a perfect solution when sinks cannot be replaced or are built into the counters. Sinks come in many sizes so please call for pricing. This is a typical sink before reglazing.

warranty & tub care

please do not use the tub for 2 days

*clean finish regularly with dish soap and a sponge

*do not place soap or bottles or any other objects on the finished surface

*do not use abrasives to clean

*do not drop sharp or heavy objects onto the tub surface

*if a repair is needed you must call us in a timely manner

*leaking of faucets or leaking in any area of the tub will void warranty

*do not use drain cleaners or acid based cleaners or bleach

*do not use a rubber bath mat ever

*do not use hair dyes in the tub

*do not wash pets in the tub

*caulk aroud drain lip and anywhere the tub meets tile


If treated with respect and cleaned regularly and following these guidlines your tub will stay shiny and bright for years to come.

Failure to follow these guidlines will void the warranty